A young woman sits on the floor looking at a tablet and some papers. Image by the European parliamentAlaveteli is our Freedom of Information platform: it underpins dozens of FOI sites around the world, including our own popular WhatDoTheyKnow.com.

Now we’re building Alaveteli Pro, a tool for journalists, campaigners, activists – and anyone who uses Freedom of Information in their work.

Alaveteli already makes it simple to send and track Freedom of Information requests. Alaveteli Pro will bring an extra layer of functionality, including:

  • The option to keep your requests private until your story is published, so you hold onto that scoop
  • Batch requests, allowing you to gather and organise data from multiple authorities
  • The ability to collaborate with colleagues on a single story or set of requests, and to annotate responses together
  • Access to expert advice, optimising your requests’ chances of success
  • Tagging and grouping of requests/responses to make research and analysis easier
  • Training materials on the FOI Act and how to use it effectively

When completed, Alaveteli Pro will be available as a bolt-on option to any site already running on Alaveteli. The first implementation is WhatDoTheyKnow Pro in the UK, which is now available.

Input your ideas

We are in the early stages of building Alaveteli Pro. If you’re a journalist, campaigner or activist, we’d love to hear from you about what features would be most useful to you in your work.
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