1. PledgeBank turns 1

    Last week PledgeBank had its first birthday. The basic figures, for those of you interested are:

    1863 Pledges, of which

    1272 Pledges have failed, and

    295 Pledges have been successful.

    There are 296 pledges open for signatures right now (and could succeed or fail), and there have been a total of 44585 signatures by 37775 signers.

    The other thing we know is that we’ve seen new organisations founded, substantial protests and boycotts organised, and even hair dyed blonde. But it isn’t up to us to say how successful the project has really been: for that we need external evaluation. If you’re interested in producing an independent review of PledgeBank’s effectiveness and value for money, or if you know someone who might be, let us know.

  2. WriteToThem’s Birthday

    WriteToThem.com is now one year old – actually the birthday was on Valentine’s day last week. We’re having a few belated celebrations.

    • We’ve made the WriteToThem 2005 zeitgeist of statistics about the last year, including a table of MP performance at responding to their constituents’ letters.
    • We’ve added the Northern Ireland Assembly. Enter a postcode in Northern Ireland to contact your MLA. Even though the assembly is suspended, MLAs can still do things for their constituents. Thanks to two volunteers Louise and Amias for getting this working.
    • We’ve taken off the Beta sign!
  3. Two milestones

    Yesterday we passed our 10,000th subscriber to HearFromYourMP.com and a few weeks back we passed our 200th successful pledge on PledgeBank.com. Well done all!