1. Lazyweb – decent one off faxing service

    LazyWeb hear me – can I please have a service where I can send a one off fax from my web browser, paying per page with a credit card or paypal or similar?

    I’ve just spent two hours examining numerous fax services, trying ones that failed to deliver the fax, rejecting ones over priced for my purposes, lugging failing faxing equipment around, and now facing a 40 minute freezing cross London journey to a fax machine because some idiot in a large company demands a fax as a proof of identity and the whole sodding internet can’t supply this noddy service (let’s leave aside for a moment the fact that anyone can buy this particular piece of identity verification for £1 making it entirely unfit for purpose).

    You hear me, Lazyweb? I’m prepared to pay for this service even!

  2. Thinking of PledgeBank uses

    PledgeBank is now well and truly in testing, so we’re spending lots of time finding people to help us test it. One idea Chris just had is to try out a money pledge, but a simple one which doesn’t need any more code. For example “I’ll pay £10 towards a £750 cow at sendacow.co.uk if 74 other generous people will too”.

    We’re thinking of ideas for what charity would be suitable, add your own to PledgeBankPossibleUses on the wiki. It needs to be a capital project, that you couldn’t give less towards and it make sense, so that the pledge aspect works. Of course, if you’ve got any other ideas for using PledgeBank, add them there as well, or email us.

    Today I’m working my way through bugs. Right now I’m improving the error messages when confirmation tokens are bad, or when they are activated twice. There are several places this needs checking – for pledge creation, signing and for announce messages.