1. Drop in on Wednesday (London)

    Secure your diaries! Cancel your appointments! On Wednesday it’s our first monthly drop-in session. Come along for as short (just to say hi!) or as long (make an entire new website!) as you like.

    Inevitably we’re in London, nearest tube Bethnal Green. Full details in Tom’s own words to our mailing list earlier:

    The first mySociety volunteers meetup is this coming wednesday, 29th March. We’ve got a room in the Young Foundation, 17 Victoria Park Square, London (Google map).

    We’ll start at 2, and stay there until 7, after which point we’ll go to the pub. My number is 07811 082158 for finding out where we’ve gone if you pitch up after 7. Wifi is available, so bring laptops, hacking questions and your own good selves.

    More notice and a slightly more central venue you should be lined up for the meeting next month.

  2. Vote for our monthly drop-in meeting

    We’re going to have a monthly drop-in meeting, in London. (It pains me as a northerner that the black hole for people that is London sucks more and more in, but we have to be practical here).

    The idea is that Tom, Chris, Matthew and I will go and work somewhere, from late afternoon until early evening, and any of you can come and join us for the whole or part of the time. Learn to hack on our code, or make marketing materials, or help with customer support, or do usability tests, or buy us drinks, or give each other massages. Whatever.

    Now, the question is, what day should it be? And which week of the month?

    Vote now for when would suit you best. Vote early, vote often (you get 3 votes each).