1. Read our Guide to Getting FixMyStreet in your City, Country or Region

    FixMyStreet.com is mySociety’s popular British site for reporting problems like broken street lights and holes in the road. It works because as well as recording reports online, it sends copies to the relevent local governments. It has inspired many ‘grandchildren’ around the world.

    Today marks the start of a new era for FixMyStreet as we push out the start of a major design upgrade in Britain, aimed particularly at making the mobile web experience as good as the desktop web experience.

    Simultaneously, we’re also launching a guide to using the FixMyStreet Platform as the basis for your website in other countries.

    • We’ve set up a new homepage for the FixMyStreet Platform.
    • We’ve set up a new mailing list which you can join if you want to talk with us and with other users.
    • We’ve published a brand new guide, suitable for technical and non-technical readers, about how and why you should consider using the FixMyStreet Platform to build your FixMyStreet-style website

    We’re also here, waiting and ready to give you a hand. So if you’ve ever thought about setting up FixMyStreet outside Britain, there’s no better time to start than today.

  2. FixMyStreet in Poland?

    About a week ago Sejmometr.pl team was invited to a meeting of few organisations and individuals aiming to build a Polish version of FixMyStreet. Based on the post published on Sejmometr’s blog it looks like the discussion had no final result as of yet – attendees presented their ideas and technologies they would like to use, shared their experiences.

    This is exactly what Sejmometr team did too. They used the meeting as a new opportunity to present the project:

    “During the meeting we have also presented Sejmometr and while doing so, we have discovered that the the portal grew so much that it is quite a challenge to present it in 10 min.”

    Great news for the team! We also hope to hear more about potential FixMyStreet clone in Poland.

  3. Mapping Rights of Way, Highway, Commons and Greens

    Describe your idea:

    enhance fixmystreet usefulness by integrating key mapping data including Definitive Maps (for PROW), Lists of Streets, rights of way, alleys, courts, etc., not on Definitive Maps (e.g. Inner London), registered commons, common access land and greens.

    What problem does it solve?:

    identifying and claiming lost footpaths and other ROW in rural and urban areas; establishing/recording existing public rights of way; to provide the on-line campaigning tool to defend and prevent attempts to extinguish ROW and highway, and meeting the Jan 1st 2026 deadline of The Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000.
    refs: e-mail to Tom and Matthew Aug 11th Re: Comment on the Usability of Fixmystreet
    : [mySociety:public] Suggestion for project: Common Land data
    From: CountCulture
    Date: Thu, 09 Jul 2009 08:26:32 +0100

    Type of idea: A brand new project