1. Sejmometr.pl at eDemocracy 2011

    Sejmometr.pl has also posted about their presentation at eDemocracy 2011 in Prague. The team really enjoyed presentations of other projects too and suggested those to Polish audience to check out too.

  2. eDemocracy Day in Prague

    It’s a very impressive list of supporting organisations! What is this all about? Veronika Sumova has posted on KohoVolit.eu blog an update about the local event dedicated to government transparency planned for the 12th of March. eDemocracy Day in Prague is designed to discuss the current eDemocracy and eParticipation projects, their current developments but also to share challenges and learnings, and do a bit of networking too. The event will follow unconference model allowing its participants to suggest topic for 2 slots of 2 hr long sessions (with additional 3 hrs in the evening, if required). It’s free, and from what I understand there is also a scope for a little bit of support for those, who might struggle with travel expenses. Veronika explained to me that actually the first two sessions are already suggested:

    1. parliament watchdog – what does it mean, how to do it?
    2. sustainability of watchdog projects – money, people, projects

    It looks like it’s going to be a very fruitful event – apart from the KohoVolit.eu team I can see participants representing DoTankoch.sk, Foaf.sk, Fair Play Alliance, NašiPolitici.cz and Diary Policy. Really impressive set of projects. I hope we will be able to learn about each of them more!