1. Follow the Supreme Court appeal on Brexit & Article 50

    Today, and for the next three days, a landmark appeal takes place. The UK’s most senior judges are in the Supreme Court, deciding whether Parliament or the government has the authority to trigger Brexit via Article 50.

    If you’d like to read along (or search for a specific term), you can now do so on this site, quickly put together by mySociety senior developer Matthew, today. For apparently this is what he likes to do in his free time.

    Like most Supreme Court hearings, this one is being broadcast live, and daily digital transcripts are available. It was this last fact, perhaps, that prompted a friendly tweet:

    That was enough to send Matthew scurrying to see whether the scrapers we’d put in place for the Leveson Inquiry would also work in this instance. In large part they did, although there is still a small bit of polishing up of the final product to do.

    Meanwhile, sit back and enjoy the show. That is, as the Guardian puts it, if you have an appetite for “intricate legal argument, arcane vocabulary and historical precedents”. Well, come on, who doesn’t?