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mySociety’s Research team are currently working on…

Here’s what we and our partners are looking into at the moment.

  • MIT will soon be launching a piece of research related to Mzalendo, the Pombola-based parliamentary monitoring site in Kenya.
  • With University College London we are examining the power of social information within website copy. For example, do more people write to their politician if they are shown how many other people have done the same?
  • We’re studying the usage of civic technology at the sub-national level within the USA, with a grant from Microsoft.
  • In a Making All Voices Count-funded project, we are working again with University College London to study the effect of the use of ICTs on efficacy and future political behaviour in Kenya.

This page lists research which is underway. As soon as the results are available, we’ll publish them on this site.

Image: zhouxuan12345678 (CC)