The easy way to contact your representatives

Do you know who your MP is? If your answer is ‘no’, you’re not alone – 78% of the UK population cannot name their representative in Parliament1.

If you need to make contact, that makes it a bit tricky – but WriteToThem solves this problem.

Visit the homepage, input your postcode, and it will show you everyone who represents you, from your local councillors up to your MEPs. What’s more, you can then write them a message, simply and quickly.

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Does it work?

WriteToThem has helped citizens send over a million messages since it was launched in 2005, and our statistics show that more than 40% of the people using it have never written to a politician before.

Underpinning WriteToThem is a series of sophisticated anti-abuse filters, as well as a surveying mechanism to help us publish league tables of MP responsiveness.

This data appears to create a positive incentive for MPs to get better at responding to their mail, and we’ve spoken to people who’ve improved the way their staff handle mail as a consequence of having low scores on WriteToThem.

Try it out – write to your MP

Note: Like most mySociety projects, WriteToThem is based on open source code. It is written in PHP and you’ll find the GitHub link below.
However, if you’d like to run a website like WriteToThem, we recommend you use WriteIt, an open source Component, instead. The WriteToThem code wasn’t written with re-use in mind, so you’ll probably find it much easier to use WriteIt, which was created with re-use in mind.
You can use WriteIt for any service which allows the public to contact specific people – not just politicians.

1Hansard Society Audit of Public Engagement 2013 (PDF)