FixMyStreet makes it easy to report a problem in your area – even if you don’t know who is responsible for fixing it.

Reports automatically go to the people who are in charge of fixing them.

FixMyStreet also publishes them online, so others can see what’s an issue in their local area, then comment or offer support.

FixMyStreet in the UK

We launched FixMyStreet, the UK’s first nationwide fault-reporting website, in 2007. Every week, thousands of people use it to report potholes, broken streetlights, and other problems in their local area.

They don’t need to know who’s responsible for getting things fixed, and they don’t need to navigate to the right page of a complex council website. They just need to go to FixMyStreet.

FixMyStreet – anywhere

FixMyStreet’s code is open source, so anyone can pick it up and use it in their own country or city. We’ve made it as simple as possible, with full documentation and a supportive community to help you along the way.

FixMyStreet is designed to adapt to local systems and issues, anywhere in the world – it’s been installed in countries from Australia to Norway to the Philippines.

FixMyStreet for Councils

Now FixMyStreet can be integrated with any council website, in a proven aid to channel shift. In consultation with local UK authorities, we’ve created a council-specific product that gives you all of FixMyStreet’s functionality, on your own website.

Also available as an Apple and Android app, FixMyStreet for Councils can integrate with back-office systems for a complete fault-reporting solution.