Getting things fixed should be simple

As simple as sticking a pin in a map

Set up a FixMyStreet site or app anywhere in the world, and you give citizens the power to report issues in their local community — to the people responsible for getting them fixed.

FixMyStreet on a smartphoneBut FixMyStreet is more than that. With just a few modifications, it can be used for any type of map-based reporting, opening up all kinds of possibilities.

It’s free, for anyone who wants to set up their own site.

And it’s also available commercially as a hosted report-management system, with a back end specifically tailored for councils’ needs.


More than 20 FixMyStreet sites are running in countries around the world, simplifying the report-making process for citizens.


FixMyStreet sends reports to the right authority to get them fixed. It also publishes them online, for everyone to read.


Citizens don’t need to know which authority is responsible for their problem: they just mark it on a map, fill in a few details, and send.


Councils respond to the reports as they would to any other email. FixMyStreet can also integrate directly with councils’ own systems.


But it’s not just for potholes: FixMyStreet can be modified to work for any type of map-based report making.


Like all mySociety software, it’s being impact-tested and refined thanks to ongoing global research.

Not just for potholes

FixMyStreet began as a painless way for people to report street problems in their own local community: problems like potholes, unsafe pavements and broken streetlights.

At heart, though, it is a map-based interface which can match geographical points to email addresses. And when you regard it that way, you can start to see many more possibilities for its use, from reporting accidents to medicine shortages.. and beyond. Let us know how you’d like to use it.

Run a FixMyStreet site in your country

Need a little help? Find out if you are eligible for free set-up support from mySociety’s developers.

Or do it yourself: There’s plenty of guidance for the experienced coder on our documentation site. Don’t forget to say hello on our mailing list, where you’ll also find support and advice.

From a council? You need FixMyStreet for Councils, the report-management system for local authorities.

Case studies

The first and oldest FixMyStreet site in the United Kingdom has sent hundreds of thousands of reports to UK councils.


This UK project uses the FixMyStreet platform to enable the reporting of cycling accidents and near misses, to improve road safety for all.

Por Mi Barrio

A Uruguayan install of FixMyStreet, allowing citizens in the city of Montevideo to report street problems.

The City of Zurich

The Swiss city’s council requested several features, resulting in a FixMyStreet that looks different from any other — but works just as well.

The London Borough of Barnet

This council’s full featured FixMyStreet install pushes notifications back to the report-maker at every step of the repair process.

Empty Homes Spotter

FixMyStreet powered a BAFTA- and Emmy-nominated app that tied in with the Channel 4 campaign to get empty homes back in use.

FixMyStreet for councils

Residents love FixMyStreet’s easy interface. Councils enjoy the report management features that can integrate directly with existing systems. Find out more.

Events and Research

Read our recent research into the impact of citizen-to-government civic technologies.