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The Impacts of Civic Technology Conference 2016

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Below are resources from the 2016 conference. You may also like to join the TICTeC Google Group to carry on the discussions started during the conference, to network with other delegates, and to share your research experiences.



What’s the purpose behind this unique conference?

Opening words

A welcome to TICTeC from mySociety’s CEO

Rebecca Rumbul

Understanding impact: mySociety’s year in research

From the funders

Key grant-makers explain what they look for in a civic tech project.

Helen Milner, OBE

The digital divide: why civic tech leaves 3 billion people behind

Guy Grossman

Mobile Civic Tech: encouraging accountability or increasing inequality?

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Helen Milner, OBE

The digital divide: why civic tech leaves 3 billion people behind

Guy Grossman

Mobile Civic Tech: encouraging accountability or increasing inequality?

Photos and social media

Keynote speakers

Guy Grossman & Helen Milner doing their thing

Other speakers

50+ people who made presentations


Can you spot yourself?


The World Trade Centre in Barcelona

  • More photos: they’re all under Creative Commons, so feel free to download and share them if you wish.
  • A Storify to help you relive the experience through tweets and photos.

Delegate interviews

Fran Perrin interview video

Fran Perrin

From the Indigo Trust

Interview with Pontus Westerburg from Block by Block

Pontus Westerburg

Using Minecraft for public planning

Interview with Sheba Najmi from Code for Pakistan

Sheba Najmi

Code for Pakistan

Interview with Matt Stempeck from Microsoft

Matt Stempeck

From Microsoft


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Attendees and agenda


  • The TICTeC Google Group: everyone who attended the conference is a member, so this is the place to continue discussions or begin new ones.

More about TICTeC

Thanks to the generous support of the Hewlett Foundation, mySociety hosted the second The Impacts of Civic Technology Conference (TICTeC2016) on 27th and 28th April 2016 in Barcelona, Spain.

140 people from 29 different countries attended, bringing together individuals from academic and applied backgrounds as well as businesses, public authorities, NGOs and education institutions to discuss ideas, present research and build a network of individuals interested in the civic technology landscape.

TICTeC was launched in March 2015 and plugs a gap in debate, networking and research between practitioners, commentators, academics and funders of civic technology.

The aim of the conference is to bring together spheres of common interest that, because of their institutional structures, tend to operate in isolation.

Primarily, the goal of the conference is to promote and share rigorous and meaningful research into online technologies and digital democracy around the world.

Whilst technology moves fast, global development and political change tends to move slowly, and the conference facilitates discussion and networking amongst individuals and groups to find real-world solutions through sharing evidence of impact, and (importantly) evidence of what doesn’t work.

See the coverage from TICTeC2015 here.

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