Measuring the impacts of Civic Technology for researchers, funders, governments and organisations

mySociety’s research team seeks to discover what works — and what doesn’t — when it comes to our own technologies and those of others in our field.

By analysing data, conducting fieldwork, looking at outcomes, assessing reach, and through user interventions, we work to understand the true impact of digital tools on government and civic engagement. We aim to create a clear mandate for the sector and a meeting place where all interested parties can discuss findings.

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Research library A resource for all

mySociety’s research team publishes multiple papers through the year. These can all be accessed in our online Research library.

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TICTeC Bringing together the Civic Tech community

Our annual Impacts of Civic Technology conference is recognised as the world’s most important event for practitioners in our field.

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Research highlights

Civic Tech Cities

Rebecca Rumbul, Emily Shaw

May 2017

Who Benefits From Civic Technology?

Rebecca Rumbul

October 2015

Dog Fouling and FixMyStreet

Alex Parsons

April 2017

Data for researchers

mySociety sites generate and output a large quantity of data, from political information to pothole reports. Much of it is Open Data which you can query for your own research purposes.

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