Steve Rotman (CC by-nc-nd/2.0)

The election: what do to when

Here’s a handy checklist for making sure you’ve got the basics under control.

Before May 22

Register to vote, or check that you are already registered.

Before May 23

Before May 31

Before June 8

Find out who’s standing in your area

Input your postcode on

Find out more about them

Make sure you know where your polling station is

It’s written on your polling card, or you can use

On June 8


And make sure all your friends and family do, too.

After June 9

Hold your MP to account

You have an MP again! Don’t forget to make sure they’re doing a good job on your behalf.

Use WriteToThem to send them an email, and TheyWorkForYou where you can check how they vote and sign up to receive emails when they speak.

Questions about the election?

We’ve got you covered. Read our handy guides:

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Image: Steve Rotman (CC by-nc-nd/2.0)