Want to know what your government is doing? Asking them should be simple.

…As simple as sending an email.

mySociety presents Alaveteli, a powerful Access to Information platform that allows anyone, anywhere, to run their own FOI website. For free.

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Our open-source FOI platform can be installed and run in any country or jurisdiction.

Alaveteli Professional

With features especially for journalists, activists and others who use Freedom of Information on a professional basis.

Anyone can use it

Alaveteli sites make it simple for citizens to send a request for information to any authority, even if they’ve never done so before.

Transparency by default

Alaveteli publishes requests and responses online, for everyone to read; Alaveteli Professional lets you delay publication until your story is live.

A lasting impact

Builds into a permanent online archive of information for everyone to access, forever.


Impact-tested and refined by ongoing global research, like all mySociety projects.


A proven platform with a thriving global community. Access a wealth of experience and friendly support.


Works anywhere, even if there is no FOI law in your country and even in places with low access to internet.

Everyone, everywhere, benefits from the transparency and accountability brought about by publishing Right To Information requests and responses online. With Alaveteli, mySociety provides a tool that makes it easier: easier to set up, easier to run, easier to use.

Need a little help? Find out if you are eligible for free set-up support from mySociety’s developers.

Or do it yourself: There’s plenty of guidance for the experienced coder on our documentation site. Don’t forget to say hello on our mailing list, where you’ll also find support and advice.

Or get involved with Alaveteli Professional. We’re actively seeking input from journalists, activists and organisations who would like to help us shape an FOI platform for professional use. Find out more.

Case studies

The first and oldest Alaveteli site

WhatDoTheyKnow in the United Kingdom has processed hundreds of thousands of FOI requests from UK citizens.

Online FOI for a offline population

InfoLib in Liberia is an Alaveteli site for a nation where many are offline. It works, thanks to back-up training, outreach, and local radio.

Learning to trust the government

Dostup Pravda helps users seek the truth and information in a post-revolutionary Ukraine.

Fighting corruption on a budget

Ask Your Government Uganda is an unprecendented way for citizens to access their rights under FOI.

Alaveteli can be used for any size of jurisdiction

AskTheEU covers the whole of Europe.

FOI for journalists and citizens

KiMitTud in Hungary works closely with journalists to break news stories based on FOI.