Louise Crow, Head of Development at mySociety, speaks at TechHubWe’d love to see you at one of our events.

As well as organising our own events, we’re frequently to be found at meet-ups and conferences around the world, spreading the mySociety word and hob-nobbing with…well, anyone who’ll hang out with us, basically.

The Impacts of Civic Technology Conference (TICTeC)

TICTeC is an annual event, always held in an accessible European city and in the Spring: details of the most recent or upcoming TICTeC can always be found here.

We also run spin-off TICTeC events and initiatives such as our TICTeC Show & Tells series, Seminars, TICTeC Local and TICTeCs in Asia. Keep an eye on the TICTeC Google Group to be informed when these happen, or sign up for email updates.

See where we are and what we’re up to

The mySociety Events Calendar lists everywhere you’ll be able to find us, whether that’s one of our own events, or someone else’s.

You can add this calendar to your own Google Calendar, if you wish: click the small Google icon to the bottom right of the calendar page.

Sign up to our conferences and seminars on Eventbrite

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