Help your supporters write to their MP

WriteToThem is our simple website that allows people to send an email to their MP — even if they don’t know who that MP is.

It also works for every other level of representative, from local councillors upwards.

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How you can use WriteToThem

Are you part of a campaigning organisation? If you ever ask your supporters to write to politicians, you should know that WriteToThem can be integrated into your website simply, and for free.

Like all mySociety’s offerings, WriteToThem is really easy to use. All your supporters need do is input their postcode and compose their message, then we send it off to the correct representative.

From your side, there are no worries about data management or CRM integration – we take care of all that at our end.

Behind the scenes, we’ve included several safeguards that prevent abuse: for example, your supporters will only be able to contact their own MP, not bombard other representatives with messages they’re unable to act on.

We also check that messages have been safely accepted by the representatives’ servers, and we even follow up to ensure that your supporter received a response.

WriteToThem is free for you, and free for your supporters. It’s available to every sort of organisation, from any part of the political spectrum.

WriteToThem on your website

Full integration with your own website

Debt charity Stepchange's use of WriteToThem embeddable tool to bring about change on payday loans

WriteToThem on the Stepchange website

You can include WriteToThem’s functionality onto your own site, and even template it to match your own styles so that it’s a seamless experience for your users. You will need just a little technical expertise: the instructions are here.

A simple link

If you don’t have any technical resource available to you, though, it’s still easy enough to harness the power of WriteToThem. The quickest and most straightforward way is, of course, to include a link to the WriteToThem homepage, from your own website or in your campaign emails.

A slightly more polished link

For a more sophisticated interface, take a look at this page, which has code that you can drop onto your site or newsletter. You can modify the code so that you only cover certain types of representative – for example, MPs, or MSPs.

If you want to get fancy, you can even pre-fill the name and address fields for your supporters.

Integrating with WordPress

There’s a very simple way to include WriteToThem on a WordPress site: through this plug-in. Installing it is just a matter of drag and drop.

Any questions?

Start by reading our guidelines of use.

We hope you’ll find WriteToThem to be a simple solution that really helps you rally your supporters to contact their representatives on the issues that matter. Please do drop us a line if you hit any problems, or would like to share your experience of using WriteToThem.


Case studies


The UK debt charity used WriteToThem’s free embeddable tool to mobilise their supporters against payday loans.

Getting your voice heard

How a regular WriteToThem user brings about change by writing to her MP.

Prostate Cancer UK

WriteToThem was just one tool put to use in this erectile dysfunction campaign.




Why we made WriteToThem

It’s simple to contact your MP in these digital times, right?

Wrong! There are lots of reasons why people may not find it as easy as you’d think. Read more here.

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Photos by Tran Mau Tri Tam and Kelly Brito (Unsplash)