When conversations are held in public, everyone’s accountable

A man writes a letter on a notepad, while sitting in the street

Write to a politician, and the correspondence is just between the two of you. But what if the conversation was published online as it unfolded?

There’d be a permanent public archive of everything said, on both sides. Promises made, answers given, facts and figures — all on the record, for anyone to read, search… and double-check.

The solution

wip homepage

WriteInPublic allows you to run a website that does exactly that.

Information about your politicians — their names and email addresses — are automatically pulled in from EveryPolitician, so when it comes to set-up, you don’t have to worry about a thing.

All you need to do is select your country, click a button, then tweak a few settings. It’s almost like magic.

As used in…


Hungary The country was facing prohibitive changes to its Freedom of Information law. The people behind Ki Mit Tud (the Hungarian Freedom of Information website) set up a WriteInPublic instance to enable their supporters to question the proposed changes in a public arena.


Iran Partnering with asl19.org, we set up Majlis Nameh to allow Iranian citizens to ask questions of their MPs, online, in public, and anonymously. Read more about the project here.

WriteInPublic… for you

Want to run your own website, and help people write to their politicians?


WriteInPublic is open source and free for anyone to use. Start here

If you’ve got funding in place, we may be able to help.

Image: Bauke Karel (CC)