The first thing you need, when building a parliamentary monitoring website?


Data about politicians.

Page from Every Politician Paraguay, showing current members of their parliament

You might not believe it, but reliable politician data can be difficult to source.

It’s a common misconception: how hard can it be to put together a spreadsheet of current politicians and their details?

Very hard, as it turns out — very hard indeed, at least, if you want your site to stay current when politicians resign or are replaced at elections, change their name or party, or do something else to disrupt your carefully-compiled data.

And that’s always supposing that your country’s parliamentary data is readily available in the first place. You might be surprised how many countries don’t publish this simple information online and in an accessible format.

The solution

Every Politician screenshot We created EveryPolitician to collect information on every politician in every country in the world, and turn it into structured, reliable data that is free for anyone to use.

Sounds simple? Well, for you, it is. For us? Eh… don’t worry, we’ve got it covered.

You can download the data as a csv file, or as richer JSON data. You can download it once, or on an ongoing basis, depending on your needs — and EveryPolitician can even inform you automatically when there are any changes to your parliament.

EveryPolitician is an ongoing project and currently covers most countries’ national-level legislatures. We’re still gathering more in-depth data, including historic information so that you can display past parliaments as well as current ones.
everypoliticianbot, as depicted by Dave Whiteland

Run by people… and a bot

EveryPolitician relies on many automated actions, managed by a very busy ‘bot’, who also somehow finds the time to keep a blog.

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Where EveryPolitician is used

EveryPolitician is powering all kinds of projects around the world. Here are just a few of them.

Gender Balance

This simple game has a very serious purpose: to gather the first dataset to show how women are represented across the world’s parliaments.

The names and photos are all pulled from EveryPolitician — and in a neat feedback loop, the data Gender Balance gathers becomes part of the richer information held within EveryPolitician.

Screenshot of


Set up a site that lets people write to their politicians, anywhere in the world. The whole conversation is published online, meaning statements and promises are available for all to see.

Representatives’ names and email addresses are drawn from EveryPolitician.


A Ukranian site whose name translates as ‘TheyVoteForYou’, this project allows citizens to see just how politicians — fed in from EveryPolitician, of course — have voted as draft bills go through parliament.


The Zimbabwean parliamentary monitoring site relies on EveryPolitician to provide accurate information about each member of its National Assembly.

EveryPolitician for you

If you’d like to use the data on EveryPolitician, please go ahead — it’s all open and free to use.

We’d love to know what you’re using it for, and we might even be able to give you a helping hand, so do drop us a line at

And if you can’t find the data you need, do let us know so that we can work on that.

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