Most people believe that Parliament is complicated, boring and difficult to understand.

We believe it should be simple, engaging, and open to all.

A suite of tools that allow you to improve access to the democratic process, anywhere in the world. For free.

mySociety’s parliamentary monitoring tools work in any country and for many forms of governance.

Now you can help your country’s citizens understand what’s happening in Parliament, and give them the means to exert influence over the people in power.


Our full featured Parliamentary Monitoring service presents information on politicians, publishes transcripts from parliamentary debates, and matches citizens to the politicians who represent them.


Structured data on every national level politician in the world. A quick and easy way to start your own parliamentary monitoring site or refine your own datasets.


Crowdsource, gather and display details of candidates in advance of any election, creating an open source database for coders and the general public.


Allows people to email their representatives at all levels of government — even if they don’t know who those representatives are.


Match postcodes and geolocations with constituency boundaries, displaying the relevant representatives and constituencies.


Publish transcripts from all levels of government in a form that’s searchable, shareable and easy to read.

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Need a little help? Find out if you are eligible for free set-up support from mySociety’s developers.

Or do it yourself: Our code can all be found on Github: it’s open source and free to use. Don’t forget to say hello on the Poplus mailing list, where you’ll also find support and advice.

Or hire us: professional organisations who need parliamentary or citizen-to-government software can benefit from our development services. Get in touch to find out more.

Case studies

mySociety’s parliamentary monitoring tools and expertise are opening access to legislatures across the world:


Since 2003, TheyWorkForYou has been presenting the workings of the UK parliament in an easy-to-understand format.


78% of the UK population doesn’t know who represents them in parliament. WriteToThem allows them to make contact anyway.

People’s Assembly

In South Africa, People’s Assembly is making parliament more accessible to the population.


The first trial of YourNextRepresentative was for the UK general elections in 2015. Next it was used for the Argentina elections.

A digital strategy for Parliament

When the UK Parliament needed external guidance about its digital offerings, they turned to mySociety.


This Pombola-based site makes the Kenyan Parliament accessible to citizens, with MP profiles, contact details and score cards for politicians.


The UK debt charity used WriteToThem’s free embeddable tool to mobilise their supporters against payday loans.

Gamifying data collection

How do you gather a crucial data set on gender? Make it fun, that’s how.

Don’t know where to start? Email us for a chat