Democracy isn’t just something that happens to us, it’s something we do together.


For the last twenty years, we have worked to support meaningful participation in democracy and access to political information, improving the ability of people around the world to make their voices heard and to hold governments to account.

We work in partnership with civil society and governments to build mechanisms for citizens to influence decision-making, giving people a voice in shaping the future of their communities.

In the UK, we run TheyWorkForYou and WriteToThem. We make data available to support a wider ecosystem of research and services.

Today, one in three UK adults has heard of TheyWorkForYou and one in five has used the site. Millions of people visit the site every year, while WriteToThem helps people send hundreds of thousands of messages to their representatives. Our email alerts provide a vital free parliamentary monitoring tool to charities, and even people working inside government and Parliament.

Repowering Democracy

This year we will be publishing a series of short pieces of writing from our staff, and external contributors who think deeply about how our democracy works and are at the frontlines of trying to improve it. Learn more about this series.

TheyWorkForYou for citizens and campaigners


See who your MP is

As well as how they’ve voted, and what they’ve said.

Keep up with the UK’s Parliaments on TheyWorkForYou

Don’t miss the action

Keep track of mentions in Parliament of the things that matter to you.

Set up automatic alerts with TheyWorkForYou

WriteToThem for citizens and campaigns

Screenshot of

Get in touch with politicians

WriteToThem provides a very easy way for people to contact their elected representatives, at all levels — even if they don’t know who they are. All that’s needed is a postcode. Try it out here.

Running a campaign and want your supporters to write to their MPs? WriteToThem can be very simply integrated with your own website. Find out more here.

Research and evidence

Discover best practice for civic and democratic projects.

Access mySociety’s research papers.

Query our data.

Explore our datasets.