Powerful ways to hold authority to account for campaigners and activists

mySociety is committed to providing free Open Source code, Open Data and repurposable tools that help hold power to account. Through our Democracy projects, we seek to define and contribute to the Democratic Commons, to benefit everyone.

If you belong to an organisation that runs campaigns, hopes to bring about change, or relies on getting the voice of your supporters heard, you’ll find that our tools give you a head start.

Or maybe you’re simply a citizen who wants to help change the world. We can help you, too.

TheyWorkForYou for citizens and campaigners


See who your MP is

As well as how they’ve voted, and what they’ve said.

Keep up with Parliament on TheyWorkForYou

Don’t miss the action

Keep track of mentions in Parliament of the things that matter to you.

Set up automatic alerts with TheyWorkForYou

Research your cause

Search an archive of parliamentary debates and votes to show how your cause has been represented, supported… or blocked.

Not just for the UK!

In Ghana, South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria and Zimbabwe, use parliamentary websites to monitor your politicians’ activities.

Find out more about the Parliamentary Monitoring sites we’ve built with partners.

EveryPolitician for researchers and developers


Contribute to our open data

Help contribute towards the world’s most useful data on politicians and governments.

Find out more about EveryPolitician + Wikidata.

Build on EveryPolitician data

Use free, structured politician data in your own website or app.

Explore our APIs.

Inform voters at election time

Crowdsource a pre-election site or app that informs users about the candidates.

Run a project with YourNextRepresentative


Running a campaign? Help your supporters write to their MP.

Put WriteToThem on your website.


When conversations are held in public, everyone’s accountable.

Start getting answers to your own questions with WriteInPublic.

Research and evidence

Discover best practice for civic and democratic projects.

Access mySociety’s research papers.

Query our data to come to your own conclusions.

Explore our datasets.

Understanding TWFY’s Users

Rebecca Rumbul & Nick Jackson

November 2015

ICT and Citizen Efficacy

Rebecca Rumbul

August 2016

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