Rapid prototyping weeks help us decide, from a number of different possible climate focused-projects, which to take forward.

We explore potential solutions and invite input from experts in each area, and by the end of each week we produce a mock-up of what a finished project could look like – we then move on to the next focus.

Once we’ve made six prototypes, we’ll decide which one/s to take forward, using everything we’ve learned. We’ve documented our discussions and learnings as we go along, so others can take up any good ideas that we don’t develop further ourselves.

mySociety team members looking at Post-It notes on a whiteboard

Prototyping week 1: Council procurement as a lever for local climate action

The key question: How might digital services enable councils to reduce emissions through procurement?

The summary report: https://research.mysociety.org/publications/prototyping-procurement

The prototype: https://mysociety.github.io/contract-countdown/

Other resources:

Prototyping week 2: Conditional commitment around home energy

The key question: How might digital services enable local climate action on energy through conditional commitment?

The summary report: https://research.mysociety.org/publications/prototyping-home-energy

The prototype: https://mysociety.github.io/neighbourhood-warmth

Other resources:

Prototyping week 3: Access to nature

The key question: How might digital services enable local emissions reduction through improved access to nature?

The summary report: https://research.mysociety.org/publications/prototyping-nature

The prototype: https://mysociety.github.io/street-seed/

Other resources:

Prototyping week 4: Fair transition and the world of work

The key question: How might technology play a part in enabling a fair transition to a world that’s reducing climate risks and harm?

The summary report: https://research.mysociety.org/publications/prototyping-work

The prototype: https://mysociety.github.io/your-green-future/

Other resources:

Prototyping week 5: Energy efficiency in the private rented sector

The key questions: How might we use digital services to improve energy efficiency in the private rented sector?

Read more about the week, here.

The summary report: https://research.mysociety.org/publications/prototyping-rental-energy

The prototype: https://mysociety.github.io/renters-energy-checklist/

Other resources:

Prototyping week 6: Data sharing for climate campaign organisations

The key questions:  How might we use data to make local engagement, influencing, and organising around climate action stronger, more focussed, and more sustainable?

The summary report: https://research.mysociety.org/publications/prototyping-data

The prototype: https://mysociety.github.io/local-intelligence-hub

Other resources: