The climate crisis needs active citizens

There is no more urgent challenge than responding to the horrors of the looming climate emergency, and it is incumbent on every organisation, every elected official, and every individual citizen to consider what role they might play in preventing the worst outcomes.

Tackling the climate emergency will need active citizens more than ever. It will need secure, functioning and bold democracies, with leaders in every community, capable of enacting the societal changes that will be required of all of us.

Which is why the climate is our priority for the foreseeable future.

Current focus

Can you help us collect councils’ climate action plans?

Many local councils in the UK have now declared a climate emergency, recognising the seriousness of the climate situation and commit to taking action. These declarations are welcome but what we really need to address the climate emergency, both at a national and local level, are concrete plans.

Can you help us gather together a list of councils’ Climate Action plans?

Find out more on this post announcing the project.

Secondary impact

How our services help others to help the environment

mySociety’s services have always helped citizens speak truth to power, and that’s proving extremely useful in demanding action around the climate emergency.

From placing FOI requests to asking cMPs what they’re doing, the tools are all in place for immediate use. Find out more.

A people’s assembly to advise Parliament

Climate Assembly UK

mySociety created the digital platform to support Climate Assembly UK — a citizens’ assembly commissioned by six House of Commons Select Committees.

The assembly looked at how the UK will reach its net zero emissions climate target by 2050, and recommended measures that can be put in place to help reduce carbon emissions.

Explore the assembly resources and outputs here.

Looking to ourselves

Our own climate response

  1. We’ve set up an internal Climate Action Group to research issues and bring recommendations to the wider organisation
  2. We’re cutting non-essential travel, and offsetting where travel is vital
  3. We’re incentivising staff to travel by land or sea for holidays
  4. We’re holding all suppliers to account to demand better environmental policies
  5. We’re extending the life of computer and server hardware
  6. And we’re sharing our journey as we research what makes a real difference, and what’s just greenwashing. See our developing environment policy.