To make cities work, we need to see the bigger picture.

Better technologies can make that happen.

mySociety’s tools for Better Cities harness the power of digital technologies to empower citizens, open channels of communication, and help planners make the right decisions.

From software that’s been proven to increase good citizenship, to maps that give insights into public transport provision, this is technology working to make life better — for all of us.


Map-based reporting. Great for street-fault reports to councils; flexible enough to be used for a wide variety of other projects.


Static or interactive maps that show journey times, not distance. Useful across a variety of industries and personal uses.


Point-to-boundary mapping software: match your users to the right services for their constituency or other defined area.


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Want to run a FixMyStreet site for your own country? Find out if you are eligible for free set-up support from mySociety’s developers.

Or do it yourself: There’s plenty of guidance for the experienced coder on our documentation site. Don’t forget to say hello on our FixMyStreet mailing list, where you’ll also find support and advice.

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Case studies

The original FixMyStreet site in the United Kingdom has sent hundreds of thousands of reports to UK councils.


This UK project uses the FixMyStreet platform to enable the reporting of cycling accidents and near misses, to improve road safety for all.

The City of Zurich

The Swiss city’s council requested several features, resulting in a FixMyStreet that looks different from any other — but works just as well.

Plotting fire response times

The Fire Protection Association needed a way to calculate insurance premiums based on how quickly fire services could attend. Enter Mapumental.

Finding affordable homes

Mapumental helped the housing charity Dolphin Living find the best deals for their clients.

Mapping public transport provision

We helped the Welsh Government understand how well they were serving their rural populations with public transport.

Reporting anti-social behaviour

How FixMyStreet was repurposed so that West Midlands passengers could feel safer on public transport.

A TV tie-in for FixMyStreet

When Channel 4 needed an app to help its viewers report empty homes, we were the obvious place to turn.

Por Mi Barrio

A Uruguayan install of FixMyStreet, allowing citizens in the city of Montevideo to report street problems.

A user-centred redesign

A group of Kent-based councils invited us to show how they could put their users first.

Don’t know where to start? Email us for a chat