Zarino is one of mySociety’s two design superheroes, swooping in to both customer and internal projects to make them beautiful, simple and delightful to use (leotard optional).

He studied at Goldsmiths College in London, and then at the Oxford Internet Institute: his MSc saw him analysing everything from online privacy law and micro-economics to participation and power in the Open Data scene.

Before joining mySociety in April 2014, he served as UX Designer, and, later, VP of Product at data-munching web startup ScraperWiki.

It was ScraperWiki that drew him to sunny Liverpool, and he’s never looked back. His unwavering enthusiasm for the city is one of his most annoying traits, alongside his knack for ruining perfectly good songs on his ukulele, and for leaving half-read science fiction novels around his apartment.

When he’s not working on mySociety projects, he maintains a blog on design and technology, organises the Liverpool chapter of the Awesome Foundation, and thinks about joining the gym.

Zarino is fluent in: Hipster web technologies like CoffeeScript, Sass, and Node.js; arcane typographical jargon; and, on a good day, conversational Serbo-Croat.