GIS Developer

Will came on board in February 2018 as GIS Developer for our Democratic Commons project. His job is to source, quality-check, and maintain administrative boundary data from around the world.

He arrives fully-equipped with key skills, having graduated in Social Anthropology with Development and then gone on to gain an MSc in GIS, both from the University of Edinburgh. His subsequent job as GIS and Data Officer for Central Scotland Green Network Trust, where he was helping to create green networks to make central Scotland a healthier and happier place, is also of relevance.

Will is also quite happy to point out that many of his previous jobs are thoroughly irrelevant to the task in hand: from bike mechanic, to circus and aerial dance rigger, and co-founder of Edinburgh’s worker-run wholefood shop the New Leaf Co-op. That said, we’re a firm believer in everything helping somehow… we just need to wait for that Civic Tech/aerial dance mashup to become a reality, and we’re all set.

Based in Edinburgh, Will says that one of his main interests is “thinking about how co-ops are generally the answer to most problems, but hard to get off the ground”. Apparently he himself is not quite as hard to get off the ground, as he’s often to be found indulging in his hobby of climbing.

Will is fluent in: the quirks of spatial data (and ‘functional conversational’ in SQL and python).