Junior Developer

Victoria joined mySociety in 2022 as a junior developer, a coding position making changes and fixes for FixMyStreet Pro and other SocietyWorks services.

After completing an MSc in Computer Science, she worked as a Perl developer at a jobs board for six years before coming to us. The role appealed, Victoria explains, because “It should help me expand my knowledge of Perl, and hopefully learn other programming languages such as Python. But speaking less technically, I’d like to feel I am making at least a small contribution to improving people’s lives.” Fortunately, that’s always one of the outcomes when working at mySociety!

Located in Hampshire, Victoria often relaxes with some knitting or a video game. “I have a background in linguistics and have always been interested in different writing systems and ancient languages”, she says, “but I am too lazy to make a habit of studying anything in depth!

“My bachelor’s degree was in Japanese and Linguistics, though I can’t say I am fluent in Japanese.” Victoria also spent her childhood in four different countries.

Victoria is fluent in: Perl and chocolate