Project Lead

Tony has been with mySociety since 2009. He’s on the road a lot of the time, meeting with groups around the world on our behalf. Ask him how many countries he’s visited, and he’ll say it’s somewhere around 86, with 50 of those being on mySociety business. Right now, he’s travelling a little less, because he’s busy leading the EveryPolitician project.

Tony is based in Tallinn in Estonia. He chose this base in large part because of Estonia’s progressive attitude towards digital technologies – so at least he can relax when he’s at home, and not worry about advising the government to do more online.

Before joining mySociety, Tony founded Blackstar, one of the earliest online retailers; built an email search tool that the launch of Gmail made obsolete almost overnight; turned around Ireland’s oldest ISP; and worked on merging wikis with spreadsheets at Socialtext.

Tony’s currently trying to read 300 books per year, but buying them at a far greater rate.

Tony is slightly embarrassed to still be more fluent in Ruby and Perl than he is in Estonian.