Project Manager

Toni is a Project Manager on the SocietyWorks side of the organisation, helping deliver services that improve the lives of local citizens and their environment.

Prior to joining us in 2021, she was Account Manager for an external lottery management company that provided fundraising platforms for councils, delivering financial support for local good causes. It’s a role that brought her many of the skills required here as well — not least giving her a good versing in agile methodology.

With Pembrokeshire, West Wales as her home, Toni takes good advantage of the outdoor opportunities: “I grow my own veggies, am passionate about local biodiversity and currently rewilding a section of my garden. I’m learning to grow mushrooms, microgreens and edible flowers.”

As she’s studying for an Msc in Environmental Management at the Open University on top of her day job, leisure is a bit of a scarce commodity. But when time allows, favourite extra-curricular activities are “long walks with my two dogs and yoga when I can fit it in.”

Toni is fluent in: “The annoying demanding sounds my dogs make when they want something.”