Tom Steinberg is the founder of mySociety, and was its Director until 2015; he no longer works for mySociety.

mySociety is an international non-profit group which exists to build and popularise digital tools that give citizens power over institutions and decision makers.

Over Tom’s tenure, mySociety grew to focus on tools that enable activists, journalists and change-makers to run websites and apps to empower citizens in different ways, and in different countries.

His role at mySociety was primarily about helping keep our tools focused on the needs of citizens and our partners, and on making sure that his colleagues and volunteers were enabled to be as happy and productive as they could be.

Tom’s interest in technology and government came from an unusual background in both fields. He had worked as both a systems administrator, and as a policy analyst and policy maker at various levels of government.

Outside of mySociety, Tom was frequently asked by governments to help formulate policy advice relating to digital issues. He also advised governments and parties across a spectrum of countries, and a range of ideological positions. He believes that good digital government services, usable community tools and powerful transparency sites are not the preserve of any one political ideology.

In 2007 he co-authored The Power of Information Review with Ed Mayo and the Strategy Unit, and from 2010-2012 was a member of the UK government’s Public Sector Transparency Board. He’s also proud to be an advisor to Code For America.