Site Reliability Engineer

Where do you find a home when you have a passion for “the intersection of politics, society, freedom and technology”?

mySociety, apparently — well, that’s where Sam has ended up, via a degree in Sociology and a liking for Linux.

He’s now looking after our servers, stopping our sites from falling over, saving us from spam attacks, and taking care of all the other crucial and highly complex  computer-y tasks (technical term) that help the rest of us get our jobs done.

The happiest people, so we are told, find a way to make money out of the things they like to do. Sounds like Sam got that memo: “I’ve worked in the tech industry since 2005, when I decided to turn my interest in Linux and Open Source into a career.”

Sam also lists economics, travel, science fiction and freedom among his interests. That’s ‘freedom’ the concept, not the George Michael song. Probably.

Sam is fluent in: Linux, Puppet, automation, shell scripting and Perl, and is aiming to become fluent in Ruby and Python.