Delivery Lead

Rich joined us in January 2018 as our Delivery Lead, and if you’re unsure as to exactly what that involves, he’s glad to explain: “I get paid for being nosey and organised”.

Or you might prefer the more official job description: “I help remove obstacles to getting things done and bring all the different moving parts together, so we all pull in the same direction”. Now that sounds like something that mySociety, with its many different projects, can really use.

Rich joins us from Government Digital Service, where he was previously Delivery Lead for Data Infrastructure — so he’s already well up to speed with the kind of work we do at mySociety, improving citizen engagement through digital civic technologies. Prior to that, he’d also been a consultant at Deloitte Digital (where the highlights were “working at the Ministry of Defence, and doing pro bono work for a number of charities”), Head of Delivery at the charity WaterAid, and Product Manager at the agency ANDigital. And before that he was studying International Relations at uni, where his dissertation concerned a new model for training and funding police forces in post-conflict societies.

Based in London, Rich says he often yearns for the open green spaces of his native Yorkshire. In this spare time he writes, (“Yes, I’m one of those people”) and tutors secondary-level pupils in science.

Any interesting facts we should know? “In my last job I became rather too well known for geometrical/asymmetric jumpers. I enjoy escape games so much that I hold a few records. And… I often think in slide deck format”.

End slideshow. Thanks, Rich!

Rich is fluent in: ‘Civil Servant-ese’ (being a former Civil Servant himself).