Policy and Advocacy Manager

Pauline joined mySociety in 2022 to help increase mySociety’s visibility and influence in the policy space, mostly focusing on the intersection between climate change, open data, and democracy. Her aim is “to infuse more policy into the amazing work that mySociety does, to bring awareness to policymakers of the wealth of opportunities that come with providing citizens with better and more transparent data.

“As a disabled person, I am also very passionate about addressing socio-economic and health inequalities, and hope to embed that angle into the heart of mySociety’s policy work”.

Pauline also runs her own projects on climate and disability, and has trained environmental organisations on the intersection between climate justice and disability rights – so she certainly has enough to keep her busy. With a decade’s experience in policy roles, including working for the UN and medical journals The Lancet and the British Medical Journal, her areas of expertise are climate change, global health, and disability rights.

In 2021 Pauline was named one of the thirty most influential disability advocates in the world, as well as one of the 100 most influential disabled advocates in the UK. Friends of the Earth also called her ‘one of the three disability and climate activists that people should follow’, which, she says, “was lovely and unexpected”.

Located in South London with her partner, and their cat Cocoa, she identifies as “a massive bookworm” with a liking for dystopia and magical realism genre fiction. “I’m currently working on my first novel. I used to be an illustrator, but had to stop after an injury. I still sell my designs on a wee Etsy shop”.

As you’ll see if you visit that shop, she’s¬† an absolute expert in food puns. “My other unusual talents are saving bees, singing They Might be Giants’ Birdhouse in your Soul in a single breath, and the subtle art of hating chives”, she claims. “I also pronounce Babybel the French way”.