Nik joined mySociety in September 2022 as a developer on our SocietyWorks team, where he helps to develop and maintain smart tech solutions for local government and the public sector, such as FixMyStreet Pro and WasteWorks.

With several years of experience working as a software engineer for a gaming start-up under his belt, as well as some experience working as a product engineer, Nik was a very welcome addition to the team. As a Python developer, Nik’s main focus is on our newer, Python-based products, about which he says: “I’m looking forward to developing software that actually helps people.” 

Career development and learning on the job is always encouraged here at mySociety, so we’re happy to be supporting Nik as he learns to code in Perl as well as Python, so that he can add another language to his portfolio and work on some of our more longstanding services.

Based in Derby, when Nik’s not coding he can usually be found reading (mostly fiction), playing electric guitar (jazz, in particular) or PC gaming (especially competitive first person shooters).

He also has a few impressive, albeit unusual skills: “I can almost perfectly mimic the sound of a car indicator, I’m capable of absurdly loud sneezes and I can whistle, but only in a strange way where my mouth is very open.

“Also,” he adds, “my ability to arrive at the microwave less than 5 seconds before it’s done is pretty remarkable.”

Nik is fluent in: Python, Go and rationalising