Nick joined mySociety as a developer in June 2013, but is now part of mySociety’s Research team. As a Research Developer, he delves deep into our users’ behaviour to try to understand more about how our sites can serve you better.

Don’t worry, he’s not watching you – he looks at high-level statistics like the average time spent filling in a form, or how people navigate our sites, and then agitates to make things easier and more intuitive for our users.

Prior to this, he worked mainly on WriteToThem and TheyWorkForYou, bringing these sites – some of our oldest – up to the expectations of the modern internet user.

Nick lives and works in Leeds, and is interested in open data and home automation – so if you see him fiddling with his phone while you’re talking, don’t worry: presumably he’s just putting his washing on to the spin cycle, or letting the cat out.

Before joining mySociety, Nick worked at the University of Lincoln, improving the staff and student experience, building and improving internal tools and services, and taking part in research projects around open data.

He also has a degree in Computing and Cybernetics, which – he claims – isn’t anything like as cool as it sounds.

Nick is fluent in: Python, PHP, JavaScript and SQL, and is broadly conversational in C and R.