Marketing & Communications Manager

Myf creates and oversees all external communications for mySociety, from snappy social media updates to long form reports.

As well as composing pithy updates in 140 characters or less, her duties include chatting to the press, crafting our website copy, condensing sometimes complex subjects into readable bites for the blog, and sending out our newsletters.

She may well be the person who replies when you send in that really tricky question about one of our sites, too.

Myf lives and works in Brighton. She loves working from home because it means she can go for a run at lunchtime, gaze down across the South Downs to the glittering sea, hear the birds sing, and still be back to answer some emails in the afternoon.

She also enjoys drawing and painting. Sometimes she draws her colleagues when she thinks they’re not looking.

Myf is fluent in: Tweeting, and she has an MA in sequential design (AKA cartooning)