Senior Developer

Mark joined mySociety as a developer in March 2012, but he’d been an active volunteer since 2007, working on adding the Scottish Parliament to TheyWorkForYou.

In his official capacity, he’s worked on a wide range of mySociety projects, including Alaveteli, FixMyStreet, MapIt, FixMyTransport and Pombola.

Mark worked as a developer for a start-up and a mobile network operator before switching to academic work and doing a PhD in neuroinformatics. After working as a postdoc in Zürich, he returned the UK to work for mySociety.

He lives and works in London. He is on a valiant but ultimately futile mission to convert his colleagues to the joy of karaoke; he also enjoys indoor rock climbing and running.

Mark is fluent in: Python, Django, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Javascript, Java, shell scripting and C/C++. He also has a sprinkling of Perl and works in PHP with some reluctance.