Ludo joined mySociety in 2021 on the SocietyWorks team: “As a long-term user of FixMyStreet myself, I was delighted to get the chance to help improve the software,” he says.

After a decade working in various IT roles within a northern university, he had some time in a global IT security firm as well as in various agencies, where he was delighted to build software using “the world’s greatest computer language, Perl”.

As you can tell, Ludo is definitely a Perl advocate, and one of his proudest accomplishments is “being added to the list of official Perl authors, alongside some incredibly smart people and its originator Larry Wall, after I made a minor suggestion to improve a couple of lines of the official documentation”.

He’s equally proud of his four children (five if you include his stepdaughter, which she says is not allowed, so… just four, then).

Ludo is a languages nut who studied Classics at University and has happy memories of spending time in Germany. “I miss the Kaffee und Kuchen, Rohkonserven, Senf and wide selection of cheeses”

Ludo is fluent in: Perl, JavaScript