Lucas joined mySociety in 2021: as one of our front-end Designers he has a hand in making all our projects look good.

But designers at mySociety never ‘just’ work on the visual aspects of our services: they have a range of skills, all of which feed into making sure that the online experience is as smooth and intuitive as possible for every user.

Sure enough, Lucas has picked up a variety of relevant experience from a variety of relevant places: “Fun fact: I didn’t start this journey as a Designer. First, I started working as a Developer for a marketing agency, and after that, I continued as a freelancer for multiple initiatives.¬†

“Code for Australia was one of them, where I had the chance to work as a “fellow” and develop a website and get more UI/UX experience. During the pandemic, it was really gratifying to help entrepreneurs and small businesses to have an online presence.”

Lucas’ degree would have helped with that, too: he gained a BA in Business Administration in Chile. “And when I moved to Australia, I got two diplomas in project management. However, my passion wasn’t there, so I’m glad I moved on and found UI design and web development.”

Further globetrotting has brought him to Edinburgh, his current home. Out of the location’s many attractions, he’s really enjoying the surrounding countryside: “I love hiking, so here in Scotland, I feel like I have unlimited destinations to explore.”

And as for his other hobbies? “I really enjoy board games; the geekier, the better; and I usually go to the gym four times a week; that’s where I relieve tension and relax.”