Liz joined mySociety in March 2014, working on our commercial services.

Prior to that, she spent almost eleven years as a developer for Parliament, and has also had a developer role for a wide variety of other organisations.

These include an online computer components retailer: “I was homebuilding my own systems at the time so my boss threatened to pay me in components instead of cash… I think he was joking…”; and  a company that supplied books to libraries: “Mmm, books”.

Liz lives and works west of London, in a flat near the Grand Union canal and its ready supply of hungry ducks, geese and grumpy swans. She says “They look majestic but they do like to hiss at people – even people who are feeding them, ingrates”.

When she’s not coding, Liz enjoys coffee, tea, whisky, books, and attempting to feed the waterfowl without getting hissed at by swans.

She also enjoys keeping elderly computer hardware running, although she confesses that this may just be a stubborn refusal to give up on stuff that’s past its prime, rather than an actual hobby.

In 2013 she completed a degree in IT and Computing (BSc) with the Open University.

Liz is fluent in Ruby, PHP, C#, Visual Basic and –  for the tech historians – her first full time gig was COBOL in the late 90s.

Image by Paul Clarke