Policy and Advocacy Manager

As Policy & Advocacy Manager, Julia promotes the recommendations that come from our research and digital services, with the aim of improving the information ecosystem available to citizens, especially around climate.

Our data and reports directly inform the conversations she has with policy makers; and she also supports others (NGOs, community groups, individual citizens) to do the same.

“I hope that we’ll see a real shift in the quality of data provision from all layers of government across the UK,” says Julia, when asked what her aims are. “Citizens will be able to more accurately determine the progress their democratic institutions are making to tackle the climate crisis, and therefore run better-informed campaigns as a result.”

Julia’s previous experience should be of great use to the role. “I worked with Hope for the Future, a charity that offers training in how to talk to politicians about climate change, and prior to that, the UK Parliament Outreach & Engagement Service, supporting student workshops and leading tours around Westminster,” she explains.

Situated in “lovely Leeds”, Julia also keeps busy outside work hours. “If you imagine the hobbies of an 80 year old granny, you won’t go too far wrong!

“I make my own clothes using deadstock and second hand fabrics where possible. I’m not a vegetarian anymore so this is my main way to deal with my climate guilt.”

Julia was President of the Pudding Society at University, so perhaps it’s no surprise that she also loves to cook. “I make a sourdough loaf about twice a week – and I’m also into preserving and pickling. I’ve had success with marmalade, fermented hot sauce and elderflower cordial, but had a major fail with ginger beer. It was like something you’d find at the bottom of a pond!”

One more interesting fact about Julia: “I’m a non-identical triplet, and although I’m only a minute older than my brother, and three minutes older than my sister, I act as if it’s years – I definitely fill the role of bossy older sister!”

Julia is fluent in: French (a little), Welsh (even less), sewing patterns & cryptic crosswords.