Clive, like all the Designers at mySociety, does a lot more than simply laying out webpages in pretty colours.  Data, research and face to face discovery sessions all come together in the design of our inclusive digital services/experiences, and this role calls for a bit of everything.

“I have a keen interest in design systems, he says. “I originally studied visual communication, user interface and UX design, and my previous jobs have been all about the design of simple solutions to complex problems”.

The father of twins – one boy and one girl – Clive lives in London and uses his spare time profitably: “I have a couple of side projects in the oven: one to help make Afro hairdressing more environmentally sustainable, and the other a digital advisor financial service, based on an old Jamaican savings system”.

Meanwhile, back at the day job, Clive has a clear aim, as well: “To use my lived experiences to help mySociety create services that give a greater voice to as broad a selection of communities as possible”. We can certainly get behind that!