Account Manager

Clare is located in the seaside town of Worthing, adding to mySociety’s growing south coast contingent.

Her official job title is Account Manager, but her role covers a lot more: she’s also helping with the organisation’s business development, supporting projects, and, perhaps most importantly, looking after our clients.

All of this is underpinned by a passion for “helping to narrow the gap between humans and technology”.

As proof of that, you only need to look at her career path to date. Clare is no stranger to the public sector, having worked at a company that was a pioneer in online streaming — an innovation that has, for example, allowed citizens to follow council meetings from home.

This obviously required an understanding of audio visual technology. No worries there: “I love music – and am classically trained”. She also loves sound design and has built her own DAW (digital audio workstation) to create audio for film and animation.

Outside of work she has many enthusiasms: “I’m generally sports mad: I train at the gym and am a big tennis fan”.

As if all this isn’t enough to keep busy, Clare and her partner have “taken on a 60s doer upper property which we’re attempting to renovate (mostly) by ourselves.”

Clare has spent many years in the Middle East, having been brought up mostly in Saudi Arabia but in other nearby countries too. So do excuse her if she happens to miss any British cultural references that others take for granted!

And, one more random fact? “I seem to be unusually good at remembering numbers”.

That should come in very useful as Clare helps our clients make sense of prices, statistics and report quantities.