Fundraising Manager

Asha joined mySociety in 2018, and it’s her job to bring in the funding that the organisation relies on — so day by day, she’s making the case for trusts, foundations, governments and individuals to help fund mySociety’s work, and keeping our donors informed about everything we do with their money.

With a long history in fundraising, Asha’s worked for national and international charities since 2010, with stints at War on Want, the Natural History Museum and Australian Red Cross. Prior to that, she worked for state and federal government in Australia, in urban sustainability and community development, and has a BA in Public Policy and Sustainable Development.

When she’s not fundraising, Asha volunteers at Duckie’s Posh Club and Spitalfields City Farm, and listens to podcasts on politics, history and culture.

Asha is fluent in: The language of grant funding (discerning the difference between a goal, outcome, aim, objective, result and indicator).