Head of Client Partnerships

Amelia joined mySociety in February 2022 as Head of Client Partnerships for SocietyWorks, helping us to grow the use of our services by local councils throughout the UK.

Prior to this position, Amelia ran her own academic publishing services company, offering consultancy, training and editorial services to researchers and academic publishers; but she also has experience working in the public sector, having spent time selling tailormade livestreaming software to local government clients.

“I live in Brighton on the edge of the South Downs Way, with my husband, two children, a noisy dog and five chickens.” And, because life is all about finding balance, “I love going to the gym almost as much as I love food and cooking. I have a secret passion for boxing even though I have very little skill.”

Amelia is fluent in: “Excitedly talking just that little bit too much!”