Data Pipeline Developer

Alex joins mySociety as part of our Democratic Commons project, which is providing open political data for the benefit of everyone. As Data Pipeline Developer, he has the pleasure of wrangling political information into Wikidata.

He’s been well-prepared for this role by his previous education and career: after gaining an MCompSci Computer Science from Keble College, Oxford, Alex went on to work for the university’s Computing Services and then IT Services. He now lives in South Northamptonshire, but “with a foot still firmly wedged in Oxford”.

Like many at mySociety, Alex is a keen cyclist, although sometimes he cycles a little further than intended: “I’m an inadvertent randonneur, having made a wrong turn on the Dunwich Dynamo”. He also campaigns for better cycling infrastructure.

As for ambitions, Alex says he has “a vague hope of creating Philips Hue-compatible lights to go in our Lego buildings, to act as a dashboard for the lights in our actual house”.

Alex is fluent in: Python and Django, a bit of Puppet, and he can talk enterprise architecture. “Oh, and those silly obscure words you only ever use in Scrabble games”.