Administration Manager

Abi Broom has been mySociety’s office manager since 2010 – quite a feat when you consider that mySociety staff work remotely and there is no central office to manage.

Office or no office, some things still need a steady hand at the helm, and Abi steers us through the choppy waters of stuff like payroll, recruitment, and making sure everyone has filled in their timesheets. In short, she handles the things no-one else wants to touch because they don’t involve launching a lovely shiny new website at the end of them.

Before coming to mySociety, Abi worked mostly in the further and higher education sector, which is pretty unavoidable when you live (as she does) in Oxford.

Outside working hours she is often to be found with her nose in a book, or sitting in front of a good film, either of which will be more than adequately complemented with a glass of gin & tonic from her extensive collection.

Abi is fluent in: Tax codes and sarcasm