Where mySociety’s funding comes from

mySociety’s work is funded by a variety of means: grants from charitable foundations, donations from private individuals, and commercial income from its trading entities.

Grants and awards

Our continued programme of innovation and outreach is only possible thanks to these organisations.


Omidyar logo The Omidyar Network gives mySociety the support it needs to run as an organisation; and underpins our international work
Hewlett Foundation logo The William & Flora Hewlett Foundation supports our research department as well as providing core funding that helps with our organisational and administrative costs
Potter Foundation logo The David & Elaine Potter Foundation provide us with general support funding
Google Digital News Initiative logo With a grant from the Google Digital News Initiative, we’re developing a new Freedom of Information toolset for journalists called Alaveteli Professional
Code for Africa logo Code For Africa awarded us an InnovateAFRICA grant to bring Alaveteli Professional to Kenyan journalists
The Indigo Trust The Indigo Trust help us develop and deploy Pombola in conjunction with organisations in Africa
Google Grants Google Ad Grants permit us to run Adword adverts at no cost
Google IncMacArthur Foundation logoopen culture foundation logo Google Inc, the MacArthur Foundation and Open Culture Foundation are sponsoring TICTeC, our conference on the Impacts of Civic Technologies, for 2017 — in both Italy and Taiwan
JRCT The Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust funds our efforts to reach a wider and more diverse userbase for TheyWorkForYou
Bytemark logo

Bytemark aid us with server costs

Browserstack logo

Browserstack kindly allow us to use their web-based cross-browser testing tools for free

Your donations

Your contributions, one-off or regular, large or small, all help us in our mission to empower ordinary people via digital means. And every little helps – take a look at our donations page to see how.

We provide software and web development as a commercial service

mySociety Ltd offers software and consultancy as a commercial service. Our experience can be of great use to organisations who work in the civic arena, like local and national governments, public services and charities.

The revenue from these activities goes towards supporting our charitable projects. Find out more about our services.

Past funders

Several bodies have contributed to and supported mySociety’s development over the years. With their help, we have had the security to grow, to experiment and to innovate. We would like to thank the following organisations:

The Electoral Commission, the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation, Geovation, Google.org, GovEval, Hivos, the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, the Joseph Rowntree Reform Trust, Making All Voices Count, Microsoft,the Ministry of Justice, the National Endowment for Democracy, the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister e-Innovations Fund, Screen West Midlands, Open Society Foundations, the Technology Strategy Board, the UK Government’s Department for Transport and the Department for Constitutional Affairs Innovations Fund, the Young Foundation, and Channel 4’s 4IP fund.

Our published accounts are available at the Charity Commission’s website or via Companies House. We are always happy to hear from anyone who is interested in funding the work that we do.