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What's it like working at mySociety?

Doing good starts with treating you right

You'll make a meaningful difference

Everything we do at mySociety is focused on bringing positive change. Not everyone has that luxury, and we feel very lucky that, for us, it’s a day-to-day reality.

Your voice counts

We employ smart people – so we’d be foolish if we didn’t listen to their opinions. You’ll play an active part in the development of our sites, and in our plans for the future.

Flexitime that really flexes

Life can’t always be put on standby between the hours of 9:00 and 5:30. Yes, you’ll need to put your hours in, but you can, within loose limits, set your own daily working pattern.

Work from anywhere you like

We believe in recruiting the best people, no matter where in the UK they are. And we can, because we work remotely, using internet technologies to keep in contact.

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Competitive salaries It matters to us that you’re properly recompensed

Pension Our contributions give yours an extra boost

Prefer to work in an office space? Fine – we’ll help meet the costs

Equipment We’ll buy you the stuff you need to work comfortably and efficiently

We’ll send you to that conference you’ve always wanted to attend

Annual retreat Part work, part minibreak

Write that novel, or stay at home with the kids for a bit We give fair consideration to sabbaticals

Or just take a few extra duvet days Up to a week’s unpaid leave is dandy

Part time? That’s OK with us, most roles can be less than 5 days a week if you prefer

What to expect

Time alone, time together

It takes a certain personality to work remotely - you'll have to be confident about managing your time effectively. But you won't be lonely. There are plenty of opportunities to touch base every day, through online hangouts, chat, and face to face meetups.

Quite a bit of travel

You’ll attend team meetings in major UK cities every couple of months - sometimes these involve an overnight stay. If you work on our international team, you may also find yourself travelling to places like Chile, Kenya, Nigeria and the Philippines. Bit of a commute; totally worth it.

Technology is our friend

As an organisation, we embrace the new technologies that make our remote working set-up not just plausible, but distinctly pleasurable. That includes video hangouts and collaborative document writing, Slack chat and lots lots more.

Variety is the spice of life

There's always lots going on at mySociety, and that makes for a really varied schedule. Coders typically work across several projects in a year, while non-techies get involved with our commercial, charitable, international and research work. Boredom? Not an issue.

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