Trustee and Non-Executive Director

Owen co-founded FaxYourMP, the earliest version of WriteToThem; he’s been a non-executive director since the beginning and a trustee of the registered charity since mySociety took it over.

In his day job, Owen is a technologist at iris, an advertising agency based in London. He’s been working on the web since the mid-1990s and has worked with all sorts of impressive-sounding clients on shiny internet things — but it’s still mySociety that makes him the proudest.

He is a director of the Open Rights Group, having been a founding advisory councillor. He also co-founded the NO2ID campaign, after having written a long, tedious report about all that stuff.

Owen is fluent in: C#, JavaScript, CSS, French, blazon, searching StackOverflow, editing Wikipedia and regular expressions. He can get by in German, Spanish, Java, PHP, Python and political outrage. He wishes he were better at his taid’s native Welsh.