Ade Adewunmi is a data strategist at Cloudera Fast Forward Labs.

She spends her days advising clients on integrating machine learning into their business operations, including developing and executing on use cases through the application of machine learning.

Before joining Cloudera Fast Forward Labs, Ade worked as a senior consultant at Teradata, advising organisations on the development and delivery of their data strategies. Prior to that, she led the Government Digital Service’s Data Infrastructure programme.

Outside of work, Ade’s interests in the application and impact of data are broader – beyond the boundaries of corporate organisations; she volunteers with charities such as Datakind UK.

She blogs about the ways in which data can be made useful for organisations and wider society as well as the leadership and organisational cultures that make this possible. When she’s not advising, blogging or speaking about these things, she’s almost certainly watching too much TV and justifying (as if justification were needed!) it on the grounds of cultural engagement. The
truth is, she just likes it.